Erica Moore-Burton, Esq.  has worked as an executive recruiter for the past 6 years for both national and international search firms.   She has worked with companies such as Toyota, Gemstar TV Guide, Westfield, CB Richard Ellis and Lionsgate to name a few.    She has spent over 10 years in corporate America and is the recipient of numerous sales and leadership awards for her achievements.   In her role, she has counseled many individuals on strategies and techniques on finding jobs, keeping them, thriving in them and then ‘stepping up’ to the next level of success. She is the creator of the P.I.N.K. Seminar Series and is now a career coach as well as advisor to individuals on workplace issues and general career and life advice. Her favorite phrase is “Step it Up!”, as she encourages everyone to do so in order to reach new heights of success in their lives. She is the co-founder of Monday Smiles (www.mondaysmiles.com) and currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband.

Her new book – The Little Professional P.I.N.K. Book of Success is set for release on September 20th, 2010 – Check back for availability details!

P.I.N.K. has come to symbolize many things for women, PINK is a spunky artist with a can do attitude, pink hair and groovy tracks that make you want to conquer the world.  The PINK ribbon has also become known as the international symbol to create breast cancer awareness.  Now, P.I.N.K. is also what you need to take your career and your world to new heights! P is for passion, I – Integrity, N – No Limits and K – Knowledge.   The P.I.N.K. seminars are happening all across America and in them we cover everything from networking tips, to communicating with others in the workplace, to how to survive in this economy and get back on track, to how to put the pink in your palette and take your career to new heights!  Welcome to my blog, feel free to email me with all your questions at info@mondaysmiles.com or enter your comments right here!

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