Casual Dress For An Interview?

Today’s question comes from Michelle P. in Arizona.  Michelle asks:  I have an interview for a company and was told by a friend of mine who works there to wear very casual attire because the culture is very casual; people wear jeans to work most of the time.  Should I wear a suit, or go with the jeans?

This is a great question Michelle.  Okay, so here are my thoughts.  Firstly, I would contact the person who invited you in for the interview and simply ask them what would be appropriate to wear because upon doing your research you learned that the environment is very casual.  If you’re not comfortable with asking, then I would err on the side of caution and go with a business casual outfit; slacks and a contemporary blouse, rather than a traditional suit.  Wearing jeans is out of the question, you haven’t yet got the job, and you’re not in the club yet!  Some HR Managers will specifically tell you what the attire is, if they do, make sure you adhere to their advice.

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